NoMoreNeon is For Hire!

Although we are always working on one of our ideas, we are looking for opportunities to work with others as well. Let it be a greenfield project or a new feature in an already existing one, or even maintenance work, optimization, code cleaning/refactoring etc.

We are a small team with a wide range of experience. Our main platform is Unity with C# for now, but we may be interested in more exotic projects as well.


Neon Wings: Air Race (2021)

Arcade racing game with 6 degrees of freedom. Upgradeable ships, 11 levels, tournaments, mini games and multiplayer support. It also has Skillnoid integration, which is a new type of companion app.

Llamasters (2020, 2021)

(Contract work) Companion application for a card game with the same name. Uses Augmented Reality (powered by Vuforia). The base of the application existed when the client contacted us. Bug fixing, refactoring, new features were needed to start a Kickstarter campaign and later when the funding succeeded.

SkaterXL mod for Gemini (2021)

(Contract work) Gemini is a new type of controller from 9 Axis. 9 Axis is a small company therefore it hasn't had the funds to get official support in SkaterXL. With the help of Unity Mod Manager the controller now works with the game. application (2020)

(Contract work) is an application for a similarly named food delivery service. The application was already working when the client reached out to us because he was not satisfied with the previous developers. Bug fixing and new feature implementation was needed.

Flux Caves (2019)

3D Puzzle game inspired by sokoban, with unique twists in gameplay.

Neon Code (2018)

First Person, Sci-fi, story-based adventure game.

Towerland VR (2017) - nemesys games
Solo dev project at Nemesys Games. Optimized for Oculus GearVR. 90FPS on Samsung Galaxy S6 phones.

World Traveler VR (2016) - nemesys games

Casual Connect USA 2016 - Finalist
Solo dev project at Nemesys Games. Platform: GearVR
World Traveler VR is a geo guessing, hidden object VR game in which your goal is to figure out which city you are in. On each level of the game you are „teleported” to an unknown street or location somewhere on earth and you need to uncover the mystery: Where am I?

There are projects and contract works under development which are not in the list because of NDAs or because of the early development stage.


We are able to provide and test builds on these platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Xbox One X/S

Any other platform supported by Unity is usually buildable but we don’t have the hardware to test them at this time. We had contracts where the IOS build was built and tested by the client and we were able to fix occasional bugs based on their feedback.

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