Release in 2018
Steam rating: 7/10 Mostly Positive 


NeonCode is a one hour long cyberpunk-retro adventure game made by one developer. It was inspired by classics such as the Blade Runner-movies, Miami Vice, Grim Fandango and the games of Telltale. 

This game made as an experiment. I wanted to see, what quality can be achived from free assets. I did not planned to release it for the public, but everyone said: I have to! So, yes there are Eathen with unity logo as an NPC and he have a bar in the game. This is a B game made by one man. If you don't want to buy it, there are public beta versions on the internet. 

The game made by a single developer

The game was made by one developer, Zsolt Várady alias fubenalvo, who developed NeonCode in his free time. At first, it was curiosity that drove him to find out what can one do with free Unity assets, but then, a whole world started to unfold and a story was needed to be told…
Although not in the game development itself, but he had some help: The dialogues were written by Zsófia Várady-Páll